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December 9th, 2014

Issues with Individual Annuities

Individual annuity
contracts—from which Tim Walsh, head of investment services at TIAA-CREF in
Boston, contends many 403(b) plans were built—are now causing confusion for
some 403(b) plan sponsors. Read more >

From Employer to Retirement Paycheck

“One of the biggest
challenges of defined contribution [DC] plans is that people spend all this
time working and budgeting around a monthly paycheck,” says Scott Matheson,
senior director and defined contribution practice leader at CAPTRUST Financial
Advisors in Raleigh, North Carolina. “Then they retire, and, all of a sudden,
they no longer have a paycheck. They have this big lump sum of money.” Read more >

DOL Planning RFI About Provider Fee Disclosures

The Department of Labor wants to request new
industry input and create focus groups about the effectiveness of retirement
plan service provider fee disclosure requirements. Read more >

Ask the Experts – Processing 403(b) Loan Defaults

have some questions as to  how 403(b)
loan defaults are processed. I realize that, once a participant defaults on a
loan, it’s a deemed distribution and a 1099R is issued. But what should happen
to the participant’s account? Is it reduced by said distribution? And what
happens to the outstanding loan? Is interest still accumulating on the deemed
distribution? How is such interest reported going forward?”
Read more >
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