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February 24th, 2015

Special Planning Needed for Health Costs in Retirement

Individuals should consider the expense and usage of non-recurring health care services, which increases with age, when planning for retirement.Read more >

A Plan with Specific Goals Helps Savings Efforts

A survey found those with a “savings plan with specific goals” reported more success in savings efforts.Read more >

Automation Trends Going Strong in DC Plans

Advice has taken on new dimensions in the retirement space, according to Cerulli Associates, and is often implemented automatically and without requiring input from the recipient.Read more >

Who Has a Realistic View of Retirement Readiness?

A study examines the factors that make individuals optimistic about their preparedness for retirement despite having inadequate resources.Read more >

Retirement Readiness Not Just About Money

Assets held at retirement are not the only indicator of retirement readiness, according to researchers at the University of Connecticut.Read more >

Pushback and Applause for Fiduciary Remarks

President Barack Obama said he expects opposition from special interest groups to the pending fiduciary rule, even though specifics of the rulemaking have not yet been disclosed.Read more >

Obama Weighs In on Fiduciary Rule

The Obama Administration published an outline of remarks that the president delivered to the AARP, in which he argues financial advisers are subject to serious conflicts of interest that hurt millions of working and middle class families.Read more >

Recordkeepers Not Meeting Statement Requirements

“We sponsor an Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) 403(b) plan with four different recordkeepers. Two of the vendors include vested benefit information, as required, on their participant statements, while two are unable to do so. What is the consequence of this failure on the part of two of our recordkeepers? Must we as a plan sponsor furnish such information separately?”Read more >
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