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February 9th, 2018

2018 Service Star Winners

PLANSPONSOR is pleased to announce the 2018 winners of its Service Star award program, recognizing retirement plan account reps and relationship managers who have, based on descriptions provided by plan sponsor clients, demonstrated exemplary service over the past year.Read more >

Market Volatility a Good Time to Remind Participants About the Fundamentals

John Diehl, senior vice president of strategic markets for Hartford Funds, tells PLANSPONSOR during focused bouts of market volatility, of the sort witnessed in the equity markets this week, there is an opportunity for plan sponsors to reiterate the fundamentals that retirement plan participants should regularly be focusing on.Read more >
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How to Help Different Generations With Retirement Savings Challenges

At various stages of one’s life, priorities and challenges change. Retirement plan sponsors and advisers need to be aware of these challenges to help Baby Boomers, Millennials and Generation X overcome them so that they can save adequately for retirement. “Ultimately, the bottom line is when you look at each one of these generations, they all have the same needs and goals,” says William Rose, senior vice president, wealth management, at UBS in New York. “They are just weighting them differently at different stages” of their lives.Read more >

Planning to Retire Later Doesn’t Reflect Reality

Studies show that many employees expect to retire later as part of their plan to have more income in retirement. However, a study from Prudential finds 51% of retirees retired earlier than planned. Among those, 46% did so due to health problems, 30% were laid off from their jobs or offered an early retirement incentive package, and 11% left work to take care of a loved one. While Prudential found pre-retirees seem well-aware of risk factors that could force them to retire earlier, study results show they could benefit from a financial plan.Read more >

Morningstar Paper Lays Out Method to Determine the Best QDIA

Recent technological advancements, along with increased data availability and quality, enable plan sponsors to stop guessing and move beyond heuristics to use detailed data on individual participants to make a robust, data-driven selection of an appropriate qualified default investment alternative (QDIA). Morningstar Investment Management staff detail this in their new paper, “Stop Guessing: Using Participant Data to Select the Optimal QDIA.”Read more >

MassMutual Allows Facial Recognition to Access Retirement Savings Information

Facial recognition is available to iPhone X users who download MassMutual’s RetireSMART mobile app.Read more >

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