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January 25th, 2019

PLANSPONSOR Announces 2018 DC Survey Standouts

Fourteen service providers to be recognized at the annual PLANSPONSOR/PLANADVISER Awards for Excellence dinner March 28th.Read more >

University of Rochester Excessive Fee Suit Voluntarily Dismissed

A participant in the University of Rochester Retirement Program has voluntarily dismissed a lawsuit alleging that plan participants have paid an estimated $72 million in in recordkeeping, distribution, and mortality risk fees to provider TIAA.Read more >

Churches Seek Clarification for Which Entities Can Adopt Pre-Approved Plans

An informal position taken by the IRS is indicated by it excluding mention of non-qualified church-controlled organizations (non-QCCOs) from the ability to rely on pre-approved plans.Read more >
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More Local Governments Should Adopt Financial Wellness Programs for Employees

Among those that do offer financial literacy programs, 51% say workers increase their contributions to supplemental savings plans, 43% say workers become more engaged with compensation issues, and 41% say they see cost savings for the jurisdiction that at least partially offset the expense of offering the program.Read more >

Female Gen Xers Face Greater Retirement Savings Shortfall Than Males

Defined contribution (DC) retirement plan eligibility and auto portability can have a large impact on reducing retirement savings shortfalls, the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) found.Read more >

Society of Actuaries Releases Public Retirement Plan Mortality Tables

It developed the new tables to give pension actuaries and plan sponsors current information to assist in setting mortality assumptions once it was determined that public pensions have differing levels of mortality than private pensions.Read more >

Bill Provides Retirement Plan Withdrawal Relief for Employees Affected by Government Shutdown

Federal employees and contractors would be able to take retirement account distributions without penalty and be able to repay the distributions to their accounts.Read more >

Updating Loan Policies to Discourage Participants from Taking Plan Loans

Changes to maximum loan amounts and number of loans, as well as the imposition of fees and higher interest rates on loans can be written into loan policy statements in an effort to discourage this type of plan leakage.Read more >

DC Plan Sponsors Increasing Focus on Fees

Callan’s 2019 Defined Contribution (DC) Trends Survey finds more plan sponsors have conducted fee benchmarking, there’s a shift in who is paying fees and trends regarding revenue sharing have changed.Read more >

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