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Information & Insights for the 403(b) Community
2021 Best in Class DC Providers
2021 Best in Class DC Providers
This year’s Best in Class providers represent an evolving set of best practices.
Northwestern University Lawsuit Dismissal Reversed by Supreme Court
The new ruling states that Tibble v. Edison’s discussion of the continuing duty to monitor plan investments applies in the Hughes v. Northwestern University case.
Ask the Experts
What Is a Look-Through Investment Vehicle?
“I was reading the plan document for our 403(b) ERISA plan and came across the term “look-through investment vehicle” in the context of offering a broad range of investment alternatives under ERISA 404(c). Can the Experts tell me what a look-through investment vehicle is, whether any/all of our plan investments (we utilize annuities and mutual funds) are look-through investment vehicles, and any actions we should be taking in this regard?”
Plaintiff Must Arbitrate 403(b) ERISA Claims
An order filed in an excessive fee lawsuit against Baptist Health South Florida says the 403(b) plan in question effectively agreed to arbitration on behalf of the plaintiff.
Legislative Proposals Would Bolster Retirement Income Adequacy
An EBRI report finds five policy ideas and assumptions would likely slash retirement savings deficits.   
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