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July 12th, 2016

Americans Unprepared for and Worried About Retirement

While most current retirees are managing finances well due to multiple sources of income, those not yet retired are worried about running out of money in retirement, FINRA finds.Read more >

Choosing a Philosophy

Do defined contribution plan participants need active management for their equity assets? Is the possibility of the higher rewards worth the certainty of the higher fees, or can passive equity strategies provide a long-run return sufficient to save for retirement?Read more >
“It is time for public-sector defined contribution plans to improve their plan design in an effort help public-sector employees achieve retirement readiness,” NAGDCA says.Read more >

Cost of Purchasing Annuities Has Spiked

“Pre-retirees now need to plan on having nearly 10% more in retirement savings than before, in order to buy the same level of deferred income,” BlackRock warns.Read more >

Paper Offers Roadmap for Implementing Auto Features

Discussions with plan sponsors also reveal the benefits to plan sponsors of utilizing automatic enrollment and automatic contribution escalation.Read more >

When Is a Loan Considered to Be in Default?

“I noticed that you have written a number of Ask the Experts columns regarding loan defaults, but none of those Q&As appear to answer a basic question that I have. When is a loan considered to be IN default?”Read more >

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