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June 22nd, 2018

PSNC 2018: Making Sense of Big Data

Retirement plan sponsors have access to a plethora of data that can help them in making plan design and participant education decisions.Read more >

Fee Considerations

Retirement plan fee litigation has led plan sponsors and providers to rethink service and investment fees for retirement plans and their participants. Fee-levelization, an approach where administrative fees are divided equally among enrolled plan participants, is no exception to newly trending strategies. A panel at the 2018 PLANSPONSOR National Conference (PSNC) elucidated the gist of fee-levelization, flat fees, zero-revenue sharing, and all other retirement plan fees considered.Read more >
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PSNC 2018: Best Practices to Protect Yourself and Your Company from Fiduciary Liability Lawsuits

Having prudent processes in place when making plan decisions is of utmost importance, and if a plan sponsor gets sued, having fiduciary liability insurance can be a big help.Read more >

Planning for Post-Employment

“The number one duty of defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors is to act for the best interest of plan participants. And, beneficiaries and terminated employees are still participants,” Jamie Greenleaf, lead advisor and principal at Cafaro Greenleaf, pointed out to attendees of the 2018 PLANSPONSOR National Conference. Terry Dunne, senior vice president and managing director of Retirement Services at Millennium Trust Company, added that when plan sponsors spend so much time and energy trying to create a retirement plan, they should not just focus on the specific period of time when someone works, but also for when someone retires.Read more >

A Shift in Educating Participants—What Is Financial Wellness?

For years, education and communications for participants centered on investing themes; times have changed, however, and the topic of “financial wellness” is clearly gaining favor. While the interest in financial wellness among retirement plan sponsors is clear, that doesn’t mean the trend is easy to define or measure. Indeed, as noted by a panel of industry experts convened on the second day of the 2018 PLANSPONSOR National Conference, the real challenge for the industry is to make sense of what financial wellness is—and how to make the most of it for participants.Read more >

Retirees Find Creating a Drawdown Strategy Is Complex

“Having a plan in place to manage their finances can help retirees feel confident about spending their assets and address the fears that may be holding them back,” says Marcy Keckler, vice president of financial advice strategy at Ameriprise Financial.Read more >

Retirement Plan Document Basics

A retirement plan consultant and an ERISA attorney offer tips for setting up, maintaining and following retirement plan documents.Read more >

Firms Offer Framework for Planning for Retirement Health Costs

Due to the variations in a person’s life and health status year over year, joint research from Vanguard and Mercer encourages investors to focus on factors they can control and plan accordingly using five guidelines.Read more >

BidMoni Launches FiduciaryShield to Manage RFPs

Under the platform, plan sponsors no longer have to contact each potential provider and request separate proposals.Read more >

ClearPoint Financial Creates ESG Target-Date Portfolio

Seventy percent of employers use target-date funds (TDFs) as the default investment option for their retirement plans, yet ESG versions of these portfolios are virtually nonexistent, according to ClearPoint.Read more >

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