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March 8th, 2019

Responsible Approaches to Tactically Managing TDFs

Target-date fund (TDF) providers use tactical strategies to support goals of the funds’ glide paths, but responding to a report from a professor of finance at London Business School, providers question whether there is a point where a tactical approach goes too far.Read more >

How to Mitigate Participants’ Savings Biases

Experts discuss how plan sponsors can get participants out of retirement savings “ruts” and get them to engage more with their retirement plans.Read more >

Stretch Match Could Lead to Lower DC Plan Deferral Rates

Analyzing a group of plans, pairing certain plans with others that had match formulas that mimic or simulate the stretched match strategy, Vanguard found the former had participation rates that are 20% to more than two times higher than the latter.Read more >
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Participants Say They Have the Knowledge, but Do They Use It?

The majority of retirement plan participants surveyed said they have knowledge about their retirement plan and fees, but while the majority also said they know they need to save at least 10% of their salary, many are not doing so.Read more >

Gradifi Adds Financial Wellness Education to Offering

The firm has partnered with EVERFI so employers can address employees’ student loan and financial wellness needs.Read more >

Colonial Life Announces Student Loan Repayment Benefit

Colonial Life has partnered with FutureFuel.io, which has different options that a client can select for what best fits its employees and the company.Read more >

Break From the Grind: Managers Say March Madness Activities Boost Morale and Productivity

However, nearly half of professionals surveyed say they are distracted by sports activities at work.Read more >

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