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October 1st, 2019

Natural Disasters Damage Retirement Accounts, Too

What options do participants have when a natural disaster affects them, and are there steps plan sponsors can take to reduce the impact on retirement savings?Read more >

Insights: Back to School

It’s that time of year again—back to school. Now, there’s a clear understanding that people absorb, process and comprehend information in different ways—no one approach to education will work for all. Some may be visual, others auditory, still others readers/writers, and a further group kinesthetic—or tactile. I now listen, on back-to-school nights, to the teachers regularly explain how they’re tailoring various classroom experiences, so every type of learner has the opportunity to succeed. I’m not sure we’ve gotten to that point in educating about retirement plans or in the latest initiatives discussing financial wellness.Read more >
Plan Sponsor Choice of Compensation Definition
“I recently read your Ask the Experts column about the differences between 3401(a) “pay stub” compensation and W2 wages as a retirement plan definition of compensation. Why would an employer choose one over the other? Does it have to do with the other benefits the employer may offer to his/her employees?”Read more >

2020 Awards Nominations Are Open

PLANSPONSOR has opened the nominating process for the annual PLANSPONSOR Plan Sponsor of the Year awards. As we have in the past years, PLANSPONSOR is soliciting your help in identifying qualified candidates for each award. If you work with or for, or know of, a great plan sponsor, please help us recognize the best in the business. The deadline for the Plan Sponsor of the Year awards nominations is November 8.Read more >

Self-Correcting the Inevitable Mistakes

Even the most informed and dedicated retirement plan fiduciaries sometimes miss the target. The good news is, many mistakes can be fixed.Read more >

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