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October 11th, 2019

Unwrapping Compliance on Gift-Giving and Donations

Whether it’s World Series tickets or a luncheon, are these gifts compliant with government and company rules concerning retirement plan sponsors and providers?Read more >

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Social Security Administration Announced COLA for 2020

Employees not only need basic education, but they need to know how to include Social Security in their retirement income strategy.Read more >
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Criticism of DOL E-Delivery Proposal Misses the Mark, Experts Say

“We think there will be cost savings from e-delivery and that these cost savings will be passed on to individual consumers,” says Chris Spence of TIAA. “There is also an engagement factor to consider.”Read more >

Reality Check

When planning for retirement, participants have more to consider than meets the eye. “As much as plan sponsors do to help employees to save for their retirement, they don’t do a whole lot to help them financially transition to retirement, or to help them plan for how to make their nest egg last throughout their retirement,” says Catherine Collinson, with TCRS.Read more >

WEX Health to Host HSA Education Event

The live-streamed panel discussion will take an in-depth look at the uses, benefits and tax advantages of health savings accounts (HSAs), as well as their use as a long-term retirement plan and safety net.Read more >

Break From the Grind: Allowances Increasing Faster than Adult Wages

While Americans say the most important purpose of providing an allowance to children is to teach them about the value of money and financial responsibility, a survey found allowance money is rarely saved.Read more >

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