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August 27th, 2015
Benefits & Administration
Incentives Boost Financial Wellness Success
New research from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) finds that offering incentives to workers to promote participation in workplace wellness programs has a big impact on the programs’ success. Read on to find out which wellness behaviors workers adopted once monetary incentives were offered.Read more >
Employers continue to express concern about their staffers’ finances, with retirement readiness the top measure. According to the LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute, 80% of employers in its 2015 401(k) Plan Sponsor Survey said an important success measure of their company’s retirement benefit is employee retirement readiness. How do most plan sponsors calculate this benchmark?Read more >
According to a study released by the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), retirement benefits paid by the pension fund generated $30.9 billion in economic activity during the 2013-2014 fiscal year.Read more >
2022 Recordkeeping Survey
TRIVIAL PURSUITS: Meaning and Origin of the Idiom “Watershed Moment?”
TRIVIAL PURSUITS: Which are the most northern, southern, eastern and western U.S. States?
TRIVIAL PURSUITS: From Where Did the Phrase ‘Be There With Bells On’ Originate
TRIVIAL PURSUITS: How Many States Are in More Than One Time Zone?
Actuaries Expect Cash Balance Plans to Surge
Actuaries expect the number of cash balance plans they administer to increase by 2,100 this year, a 37% increase from the 5,600 plans they currently administer, according to the ASPPA College of Pension Actuaries. Fifty-five percent have dealt with a plan termination and cash balance restart in the past five years, 11% have dealt with 10 to 20 of these occurrences, and 3% have dealt with more than 20.Read more >
A Schwab Retirement Plan Services survey found that people consider retirement savings more important than their health. Sixty-eight percent of workers agree making the best 401(k) investment choices is a key priority, trumping the 59% who cite staying in shape, but how many would rather have their 401(k) balance grow by 15% this year than lose 15 pounds?Read more >
Employees Need Help with Social Security Planning
David Giertz, president of distribution and sales at Nationwide, says the firm’s second annual survey of individuals nearing retirement and those who are retired unearthed numerous misconceptions about Social Security. “People believe they’re going to die much sooner than they do,” he says. What else do they get wrong?Read more >
Market Mirror

An afternoon surge Wednesday gave the stock market its best day in nearly four years, as stocks rebounded from a six-day slump, the Associated Press reports. The Dow gained 619.07 points (3.95%) to finish at 16,285.51, the NASDAQ closed 191.05 points (4.24%) higher at 4,697.54, and the S&P 500 was up 72.90 points (3.90%) at 1,940.51. The Russell 2000 rose 28.09 points (2.54%) to 1,132.19, and the Wilshire 5000 rocketed 705.86 points (3.58%) higher to 20,427.87.

On the NYSE, 3.2 billion shares changed hands, with a nearly 4 to 1 lead for advancing issues, and on the NASDAQ, 2.8 billion shares traded, with a more than 3 to 1 ratio of advancers to decliners.

The price of the 10-year Treasury note fell 30/32, bringing its yield up to 2.177%. The price of the 30-year Treasury bond dropped 2 21/32, increasing its yield to 2.934%.

Whistleblowers Remedied Following ERISA Challenge
Three whistleblowers will receive $630,000 in lost wages and damages following accusations of impropriety at a Southern California fund company. According to the Department of Labor (DOL), as director of the Cement Masons Southern California Trust Funds’ audit and collections department, Cheryle Robbins spoke up when she believed a trustee was breaking federal law protecting the firm’s retirement and benefit plans.Read more >
Industry Looks to Ease Investor Jitters
There is an illuminating term being tossed around the financial trade media right now, apparently coined by Warren Buffett, which summarizes well the temperamental nature of investment markets: The Broken Clock Syndrome. What does it mean for your investment lineup?Read more >
Small Talk
ON THIS DATE: In 1858, the first cabled news dispatch was sent and was published by “The New York Sun” newspaper. The story was about the peace demands of England and France being met by China. In 1859, the first oil well was successfully drilled in the U.S. by Colonel Edwin L. Drake near Titusville, Pennsylvania. In 1921, the owner of Acme Packing Company bought a pro football team for Green Bay, Wisconsin. J.E. Clair paid tribute to those who worked in his plant by naming the team the Green Bay Packers. In 1938, Robert Frost, in a fit of jealousy, set fire to some papers to disrupt a poetry recital by another poet, Archibald MacLeish. In 1962Mariner 2 was launched by the United States. In December of the same year the spacecraft flew past Venus. It was the first space probe to reach the vicinity of another planet. In 1985, the Space Shuttle Discovery left for a seven-day mission in which three satellites were launched and another was repaired and redeployed. In 1989, the first U.S. commercial satellite rocket was launched. A British communications satellite was onboard.
SURVEY SAYS: In just a matter of days in the last week, some major stock indices fell to their worst level in four years. This week, I’d like to know, how panicked did you feel during the dramatic slump, and did you communicate with retirement plan participants to try to calm their fears? You may respond to this week’s survey by 6 p.m. Pacific time today.Read more >
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