PLANSPONSOR Weekend Newsdash
Week ending December 2nd, 2016
Hello PLANSPONSOR readers and happy Friday! For this weekend’s mailing, we decided to reflect on some of the most informative research reports and studies published recently by retirement industry providers. First, a recent GAO study found that some 401(k) features are actually hindering participation. An SEI report offers plan sponsor committees advice on where to seek help when choosing investments. The Center for Applied Research explores how the concept of “Chi” in an investment manager can enhance the performance of plan sponsors and advisers. A consultant from Swats & McAllister provides tips on making SPDs more understandable for participants. And finally, Prudential Investments offers insight on the complexities of investments that are holding back Americans, who consider retirement the No. 1 financial goal.
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Data & Research
Certain 401(k) Plan Design Features Hinder Retirement Outcomes
The GAO suggests regulators re-evaluate eligibility age requirements, vesting policies and whether to allow plan sponsors to require employment on the last day of the year to receive company match.Read more >
DC Retirement Plan Committees Face Tough Choices
Many committees do not have the expertise to select investments and should use outside help, SEI says.Read more >
The Missing Link to the Best Performance of Investment Managers
The culture of an investment manager organization can have a strong impact on putting plan sponsor and adviser interests first, research suggests.Read more >
The Do’s and Don’ts for Simplifying SPDs
Loaded with information about when employees may begin participating in plans, benefits involved, vesting and so on, the language utilized in summary plan descriptions (SPDs) is critical.Read more >
Data & Research
Investing Confusion Lowering Retirement Confidence
Though retirement is Americans’ No. 1 priority, a survey found 66% think investing is complex and confusing.Read more >