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January 26th, 2016
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PLANSPONSOR is pleased to bring you this special edition of NewsDash sponsored by Morningstar Investment Management LLC focused on meeting the retirement challenge.
Retirement Readiness
Working Together to Meet the Retirement Challenge
We are facing a potential retirement crisis: too many people have too little saved for retirement. But we can work together to help fix things now. Morningstar Investment Management has outlined some clear steps to take today in its most recent paper.Read more >
Even with 88% of employees participating in their employers’ 401(k) plans, they are overall still underprepared for retirement, with only 19% of employees surveyed on track to reach their retirement goals, according to Financial Finesse’s Retirement Preparedness Study.Read more >
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Because people are saving more and investing more appropriately for their age, the percentage of people who are likely to afford at least their essential expenses in retirement has risen to 45%, up from 38% when Fidelity Investments last conducted its biennial Retirement Savings Assessment study. However, Fidelity notes, this still means that more than half of the population (55%) may not be able to cover housing, health care or food costs.Read more >
Working Together to Meet the Retirement Challenge
We are facing a potential retirement crisis: too many people have too little saved for retirement. But we can work together to help fix things now. We’ve outlined some clear steps to take today in our most recent paper. Download WhitepaperRead more >
Participation in 401(k)s
A Closer Look at 401(k) Participants
Researchers at HelloWallet, a Morningstar company, took an in-depth look at the participants in the 401(k) market. We explored questions such as the typical participant’s age and what percentage of their income they contribute to their 401(k). Our resulting infographic depicts the 401(k) market today from the perspective of a typical participant.Read more >
Millennials saving for retirement are bucking reports of savings insufficiency and equity aversion, according to a white paper published by Vanguard researchers. “The auto savings generation: Steering millennials to better retirement outcomes” finds that participation rates, saving rates, and equity allocations for Millennial participants (ages 18 to 34) have been on the upswing over the last decade in defined contribution (DC) plans. Vanguard attributes the advent of automatic plan design features and the increasing adoption of target-date funds for putting Millennials on the right path to retirement readiness.Read more >
Participants are saving more in their retirement plans than they were two years ago, according to the Plan Sponsor Council of America’s (PSCA) 59th Annual Survey. Lower-paid employees are contributing an average of 5.8% of their salaries, up from 5.3% in 2013; this is higher than it was prior to the steep market crash in 2008.Read more >
Women are 14% more likely than men to participate in their workplace savings plan and save at higher rates, according to a Vanguard analysis. Women earning less than $100,000 save 20% more than their male counterparts, and across all income levels, women save at rates that are 7% to 16% higher than men’s.Read more >
HR and Benefits Professionals Speak Out
Industry Pulse - Let Your Voice be Heard
You probably hear regularly what’s on your employees’ minds—what they’re worried about, as well as how they feel about work, their compensation, and their benefits. But we’d like to hear about your concerns. We want to know what has you worried and what your priorities are for your employee benefits program. Please take a few minutes to respond to our survey. At the end, you’ll to be able to learn what your peers are thinking about, too. Tell us what you think.Read more >
Value of Advice
What Happens When People Get Professional Retirement Advice?
Plenty of people are bewildered by their retirement options. Maybe you offer your employees help, but is it working? Morningstar Investment Management conducted a study of people’s behavior and their portfolio results before and after they received expert guidance on their retirement accounts. Watch a brief video to learn what Morningstar Investment Management found.Read more >
Employee education and advice from plan advisers is universally valued by plan sponsors, according to a MassMutual survey. Explaining the retirement plan benefits and options available to employees is a preferred topic for plan adviser education by 87% of plan sponsors that work with an adviser and 80% of those that do not. Seventy-three percent of both groups want advisers to educate employees about the importance of contributing to the retirement plan.Read more >
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