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July 10th, 2019
Benefits & Administration
Employees Want Savings Options Timed With Raises
Findings of a Commonwealth study provide support for retirement plan sponsors to time employee deferral increases with raises and for employers to offer sidecar savings accounts for emergency funds.Read more >
DB Funded Status Improved in June, but Down for Q2
While asset returns gave defined benefit (DB) plan sponsors a funded status bump in June, lower interest rates led to an overall decline for the second quarter of 2019.Read more >
Federal Student Loan Forbearance Is Ending, but Many Employees Aren’t Prepared
TRIVIAL PURSUITS: Residents of the Island of Misfit Toys
2021 Recordkeeping Survey
Federal Student Loan Forbearance Is Ending, but Many Employees Aren’t Prepared
IRS Announces 2022 Retirement Plan Contribution and Benefit Limits
Products, Deals and People
ICMA-RC Launches Plan Health Monitor
With the solution, created using GuidedChoice data, plan sponsors and consultants can more easily identify participants who might be falling behind, provide data-driven advice and make more strategic plan design decisions.Read more >
Sponsored message from Kashable
Help employees pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses
54% of employees delay necessary medical procedures due to cost, eventually costing both employer and employee dearly in the long-term. Kashable was built to help.Read more >
Market Mirror

Tuesday, the Dow was down 22.65 points (0.08%) at 26,783.49, the NASDAQ closed 43.35 points (0.54%) higher at 8,141.73, and the S&P 500 was up 3.68 points (0.12%) at 2,979.63. The Russell 2000 inched up 1.20 points (0.08%) to 1,562.59, and the Wilshire 5000 increased 56.78 points (0.19%) to 30,654.92.


The prices of the 10-year Treasury note and 30-year Treasury bond each were down 1/32, increasing their yields to 2.063% and 2.539%, respectively.
Pension Participants Claim ERISA Breaches in Dow DuPont Pension Transfer
In a new Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) lawsuit seeking class action status, the plaintiffs claim their pension assets were disloyally and imprudently transferred during a complex series of corporate spinoffs and mergers.Read more >
Ask the Experts
Raising the Loan Limit Above $1,000
“Our ERISA 403(b) plan has a loan minimum of $1,000. We have a concern about a significant number of our newer employees borrowing as soon as their account balances reach $2,000, when the loan minimum of $1,000 meets the 50% requirement for borrowing. Recognizing that, borrowing against their retirement plan so early in their careers could have a negative impact on their ability to retire, our plan committee was considering raising the loan minimum to a higher amount, such as $3,000. Can we?”Read more >
Small Talk

ON THIS DATE: In 1778, in support of the American Revolution, Louis XVI declared war on England. In 1821, U.S. troops took possession of Florida. The territory was sold by Spain. In 1890, Wyoming became the 44th state to join the United States. In 1913, the highest temperature ever recorded in the U.S. was 134 degrees in Death Valley, California. In 1919, the Treaty of Versailles was hand delivered to the U.S. Senate by President Woodrow Wilson. In 1928, George Eastman first demonstrated color motion pictures. In 1929, the U.S. government began issuing paper money in the small size. In 1949, the first practical rectangular television was presented. The picture tube measured 12 by 16 and sold for $12. In 1951, Armistice talks aimed at ending the Korean conflict began at Kaesong. In 1953, American forces withdrew from Pork Chop Hill in Korea after heavy fighting. In 1962, the Telstar Communications satellite was launched. The satellite relayed TV and telephone signals between Europe and the U.S. In 1973, Britain granted the Bahamas its independence after three centuries of British colonial rule. In 1985, Coca-Cola resumed selling the old formula of Coke, renamed “Coca-Cola Classic.” It was also announced that they would continue to sell “New” Coke. In 1991, President George H.W. Bush lifted economic sanctions against South Africa, citing its “profound transformation” toward racial equality. In 1997, scientists in London said DNA from a Neanderthal skeleton supported a theory that all humanity descended from an “African Eve” 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.



WEDNESDAY WISDOM: “The best way to keep one’s word is not to give it.”—Napoleon Bonaparte
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