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To Set Correct Plan Goals, Know Your Staff
To Set Correct Plan Goals, Know Your Staff
Examining plans in depth can help in crafting the right goals.
Hopes Are High for Lame-Duck Passage of SECURE 2.0
One retirement industry policy expert says the conversations she is having on Capitol Hill make her optimistic that the ambitious retirement reform package could pass after the November elections.
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EBSA Head Lisa Gomez Says DOL Continues Honing Retirement Security Rule
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Early Withdrawals Found to Exacerbate 401(k) Account Disparities Across Race, Gender
Final Fiduciary Rule Expected Soon
New orders for manufactured durable goods in May, up seven of the last eight months, increased $2.1 billion or 0.8% to $267.5 billion, up from the previously published 0.7% increase, the Census Bureau reported. This followed a 0.4% April increase. Transportation equipment, up two consecutive months, led the increase, $0.9 billion or 1.0% to $87.8 billion. New orders for manufactured nondurable goods increased $6.3 billion or 2.3% to $275.9 billion.
Tuesday, the Dow slipped 129.44 points (0.42%) to 30,967.82, the Nasdaq increased 194.39 points (1.75%) to 11,322.24 and the S&P 500 gained 6.06 points (0.16%) to close at 3,831.39. The Russell 2000 climbed 13.57 points (0.79%) to 1,741.33 and the Wilshire 5000 extended 170.11 points (0.45%) to 38,167.88.

The price of the 10-year Treasury note increased 27/32, lowering its yield down to 2.831%. The price of the 30-year Treasury bond increased 30/32, lowering its yield down to 3.074%.
Data and Research
ESG Integral to Defined Benefit Plans
According to a new Morningstar survey, institutional asset owners are in broad agreement that environmental, social and governance factors do not harm investment returns.
Assessing the Risks Workers Face Going Into Retirement
The Center for Retirement Research has identified five major risks that many U.S. workers will face in retirement; its analysis also shows a disconnection between retirees’ real and perceived risks.
ON THIS DATE: In 1775, one day after restating their fidelity to King George III and wishing him “a long and prosperous reign” in the Olive Branch Petition, the Second Continental Congress set “forth the causes and necessity of their taking up arms” against British authority in the American colonies. In 1854, in Jackson, Mississippi, the Republican Party held its first convention. In 1885, Louis Pasteur successfully tested a rabies vaccine. In 1907, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, noted for her intense, brilliantly colored self-portraits, was born. In 1923, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was established. In 1928, the first full-length all-talking motion picture, “Lights of New York,” premiered in New York City. In 1933, Major League Baseball’s first All-Star Game was held at Chicago’s Comiskey Park. In 1957, with her defeat of Darlene Hard, American Althea Gibson became the first Black tennis player to win the Wimbledon singles championship. In 1975, the United States Naval Academy admitted women for the first time in its history with the induction of 81 female midshipmen. In 1983, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that employers offering retirement annuity plans that pay smaller monthly benefits to women than to similarly situated men violated the ban against sex discrimination in employment in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In 2002, Serena Williams defeated her sister Venus to win her first Wimbledon singles title.
Industry Intel Roundup—Featured Webinars
PLANSPONSOR is pleased to present the next edition of our Industry Intelligence roundup. This week, we are featuring webinars sponsored by experienced providers in the industry. The content was created to educate, inform and offer ideas for plan sponsors regarding plan design, investing, administration and compliance.
SPONSORED BY: Corebridge Financial | April 25, 2024
Constructing Retirement Paychecks – 7 steps for employers to help employees
Many employees look forward to a well-earned retirement. Unfortunately, many are going to find they are not as financially prepared as they are physically and mentally prepared for the realities of retirement. It’s shocking when their employer paycheck stops. Now, each employee is on the hook to construct their own retirement paycheck. For the next 20, 25 or 30+ years. That is a tall order. Most people struggle with the intricacies of dealing with so many different types of accounts and investments. They don’t understand the complex rules for retirees. And they don’t know where to turn to get clear, concise, correct information. In short, employees need help from their trusted employer to build their retirement paycheck. How prepared are you to help answer employees’ questions such as: • How can employees stretch their savings long enough to pay for retirement? • When should employees start pensions, Social Security, and annuity payouts? • Why is Medicare so different from employer health insurance? Employees are raising their hands for help. Can you help more employees become more successful retirees? In this session, our guest speaker will cover 7 practical steps employers can take to help prepare employees at every age to construct a paycheck in retirement.
February 28, 2024
Building a thriving workplace
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