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Week ending April 22nd, 2016
More focus on the Department of Labor’s final fiduciary rule this week. Experts share what it means for 403(b) plans as well the positives for plan sponsors and impact on non-ERISA plans. In addition, a survey reveals what retirement plan providers are planning to do now that the rule is out, and lawmakers introduced a resolution to stop the rule’s enactment. In other news, Ken Dychtwald, CEO of Age Wave held a call with reporters and brought up some very interesting points about aging and retirement that presidential candidates should be addressing, and a couple of studies suggest Millennials need a reality check about retirement expectations. Enjoy this week’s edition of PLANSPONSOR Weekend!
Editor's choice
Presidential Candidates Not Addressing Aging and Retirement
“An ‘age wave’ is coming that could either make or break America,” says Ken Dychtwald, CEO of Age Wave, and he wonders why presidential candidates are not addressing it.Read more >
SPARK Institute Poll Identifies Planned Fiduciary Rule Responses
Fourteen percent of retirement plan providers surveyed by SPARK Institute believe they will become an ERISA fiduciary for the first time under the new regulations.Read more >
Data and Research
Millennials' Retirement Expectations Don't Match Savings
Millennials are looking forward to retirement in new and refreshing ways, suggesting that retirement in the future could become something very different from what it is today.Read more >
Data and Research
Millennials Overly Hopeful About Retirement
There’s a disconnect between Millennials’ retirement optimism and the amount they have actually saved.Read more >
Senators Fighting Fiduciary Rule
Three senators introduced a resolution to stop the DOL’s new fiduciary rule, which they say will make retirement planning unaffordable for low- to middle-income Americans.Read more >
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