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Week ending August 18th, 2017
Happy Friday, PLANSPONSOR readers! This week’s newsletter focus is health care and other benefits. A study finds that for small employers, offering health care and other benefits is closely linked to the business’ success. Another study finds many employees would choose a student loan assistance benefit over a retirement plan, but is it feasible for them to participate in both? Also, Morningstar published a study for which it evaluated plans from 10 of the largest health savings account (HSA) providers. All this and more in this edition of PLANSPONSOR Weekend!
Editor's choice
Disease Management Important to Controlling Health Benefit Costs
Employers reported certain diseases/conditions have a big impact on health plan costs.Read more >
Data and Research
Offering Benefits a Matter of Economics for Small Businesses
The majority of small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) do not offer health, retirement or other ancillary benefits, Paychex found in a survey of 318 such companies. Paychex found the more revenues a business earned, the more likely it was to offer retirement and health benefits to employees.Read more >
Cost-Saving Models for Employers With Self-Insured Health Plans
A consulting firm outlines three alternatives it has recommended to its partner companies in an effort to manage their employees’ health care in a cost-effective manner.Read more >
Many Employees Would Choose Student Loan Assistance Over 401(k)
It is feasible, budget-wise, for participants to participate both in a student loan repayment assistance program and a defined contribution (DC) plan, says Balaji “Raj” Rajan, CEO of IonTuition.Read more >
Morningstar Offers Analysis of HSA Providers
Morningstar evaluated the plans through two different lenses: one, as an investment vehicle to save for future medical expenses, the other as a spending vehicle to cover current medical costs.Read more >
New Financial Audit Rule Increases Requirements for Plan Sponsors
Plan sponsors will be required to provide much more data, as well as certifications about plan administration and governance, and limited-scope audits will no longer be so limited.
2021 Recordkeeping Survey
TRIVIAL PURSUITS: What do the M’s stand for in M&Ms?
DOL Proposes New Rule on ESG Investing in Retirement Plans

The agency says the proposal seeks to emphasize that climate change and other ESG factors can be financially material and that considering these elements can lead to better long-term risk-adjusted returns.

New Complaint Targets TIAA’s Managed Account Rollovers

Earlier this year, the firm settled similar charges from the SEC and the New York attorney general accusing it of making inaccurate and misleading statements to rollover clients.

Editorial: Alison Cooke Mintzer


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