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Week ending August 31st, 2018
Defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors have a fiduciary duty when it comes to selecting and monitoring the investment choices they offer in their plans’ fund menus. They must understand how market conditions affect the types of investments they are offering. They have to make decisions about active versus passive investment options, and keep in mind the costs of investments while making what is best for plan participants their first priority. Some investments are harder to benchmark than others—such as target-date funds (TDFs). If plan sponsors feel they do not have the expertise to make wise choices or monitor investments, outside expertise can help. This week’s edition of PLANSPONSOR Weekend offers insights that may help DC plan sponsors with their fiduciary duties regarding investments. Have a wonderful long weekend!
Editor's choice
The Case for Using an Institutional Approach for DC Plan Investments
An institutional investment approach uses outcome-oriented investments, broad asset class diversification, best-of-breed investment management, a thoughtful mix of active and passive strategies and are vehicle agnostic, a report notes.Read more >
‘Low-Cost’ Does Not Always Mean ‘Better’ TDFs
Morningstar warns that the distinction between “active” and “passive” target-date series has become more muddled in recent years.Read more >
GAO Explores Why Few Retirement Plans Embrace ESG Investing
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) says in other cases where plans may face complexity, such as selecting a target-date fund or monitoring pension consultants, the Department of Labor (DOL) has provided general information, including items to consider and questions to ask. It suggests that the DOL do the same with ESG investing.Read more >
Participants Need to Understand Market Cycles
The record bull market may cause retirement plan participants to be overly confident, but they need to understand market cycles and volatility so they can resist making the wrong investment and retirement savings decisions.Read more >
New Financial Audit Rule Increases Requirements for Plan Sponsors
Plan sponsors will be required to provide much more data, as well as certifications about plan administration and governance, and limited-scope audits will no longer be so limited.
2021 Recordkeeping Survey
2021 Plan Sponsor of the Year
PLANSPONSOR is pleased to announce the 2021 Plan Sponsor of the Year winners.
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DOL Proposes New Rule on ESG Investing in Retirement Plans

The agency says the proposal seeks to emphasize that climate change and other ESG factors can be financially material and that considering these elements can lead to better long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Editorial: Alison Cooke Mintzer


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