PLANSPONSOR Weekend Newsdash
Week ending February 19th, 2016
Happy Friday afternoon! It's tax time, and some of our coverage this week offered guidance to employers for helping employees with filing their taxes. In addition, we reported about two pieces of research that suggest the stock market volatility will not affect most participants’ expected retirement date, and wellness program incentives framed as a loss will get more results. Read about these things and more in this edition of PLANSPONSOR Weekend.
Editor's choice
Encourage Participants to Claim the Saver’s Credit
Retirement plan sponsors can play an important role in raising awareness about the Saver’s Credit.Read more >
Tips for Communicating About ACA Reporting to Employees
Jellyvision shares tips for employers to prevent employees from inundating the benefits office with questions.Read more >
Data and Research
Stock Market Volatility Shouldn’t Slow Retirements
Low equity assets near retirement mean a small number of individuals experience large, unexpected losses, research suggests.Read more >
Data and Research
Employee Wellness Motivated More by Loss than Gain
A study sheds light on the effect of employer wellness program incentive designs.
  Read more >
Data and Research
Millennials Committed to Saving
Access to employer-sponsored retirement plans helps them with this commitment.Read more >
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