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Week ending January 8th, 2016
Happy Friday and Happy New Year PLANSPONSOR readers! Our coverage proves it’s never a dull year for the retirement plan industry, as the new year started with a couple more excessive fee suits being filed against plan sponsors and providers. It could be an interesting year for church plans, with ongoing litigation and new legislation finally passed. New guidance from the IRS anticipates the release of pre-approved 403(b) plan documents. An uptick in the number of participants who understand target-date funds shows results coming from the Pension Protection Act, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year—something we will be delving more into in the months to come. All this and more in the latest edition of PLANSPONSOR Weekend.
Editor's choice
'Largely Unpredictable' Which Sponsors Could be Sued by Participants
One attorney specializing in ERISA litigation suggests the pace of excessive fee lawsuits is gaining more momentum in 2016.Read more >
Church Plan Legislation Finally Gets Passed
Lawmakers’ repeated efforts to clarify the application of certain tax and retirement laws and regulations to the church retirement plans have come to fruition.Read more >
More Participants Understand TDFs
The retirement plan industry is approaching the 10-year anniversary of the Pension Protection Act, a law that has clearly impacted participant investing knowledge and behavior.Read more >
Data and Research
Individuals Want to Address Current Financial Challenges
A study finds budgeting, managing credit card debt, and paying off student loans were all higher financial priorities for 100,000 individuals profiled.Read more >
IRS Guidance Shows Anticipation of Pre-Approved 403(b) Plans
The IRS has issued updated procedures for requesting letter rulings and has made changes to VCP fees.Read more >
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Another Schlichter Suit Targets Sponsor and Providers

Even cases that allege potential wrongdoing on the part of a service provider are often targeted exclusively at the plan sponsor. Not so in the latest suit filed by the law firm Schlichter Bogard & Denton.

Could There Be a Renewed Interest in DB Plans?
There are plan designs that decrease the risk and volatility for plan sponsors, and defined benefit plans offer the guaranteed lifetime income participants desire.
2020 Recordkeeping Survey
Participants Are Saving More With ‘TDF-Plus’ Strategies

A new study finds participants who blended funds were on track to replace more of their pre-retirement income than those who did not.

2020 Best in Class DC Providers

Editorial: Alison Cooke Mintzer


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