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Week ending July 20th, 2018
At PLANSPONSOR, our focus is to give plan sponsors all the information they need to fulfill their duties with respect to retirement plans. However, we recognize that other benefits intersect with the retirement plan benefit. For example, health benefits are costly to employers and often compete with retirement plans in employer budgets. In addition, health savings accounts (HSAs) are now being touted as a way to save and invest for retirement health care costs. Financial wellness programs and student loan repayment benefits can help employees manage current financial issues in order to save for retirement. Equity compensation plans can also be used for retirement savings or for dealing with short-term financial issues. And now, a new concept, sidecar accounts, is aimed at helping participants build an emergency fund so they are less likely to tap into retirement accounts for short-term expenses. This edition of PLANSPONSOR Weekend focuses on the other benefits that intersect with retirement savings.
Editor's choice
Surcharges Emerging As a Way to Cut Employer Health Benefit Costs
Overall, approximately one-fifth of organizations have a restriction or other cost-saving measure in place for coverage of spouses and domestic partners, a survey from SHRM finds.Read more >
Questions to Ask Health Benefits Brokers to Make Sure the Price Is Right
Dave Chase, co-founder of Health Rosetta, says three questions address three big problems in health care: pricing failure, overtreatment and a crazy amount of administrative burden.Read more >
Mercer Health Advantage Aims to Drive Down Employer Health Benefit Costs
“Employers can help workers most at risk better manage their care—and save an average $430 annually per employee,” Mercer says.Read more >
Employees Often Overlook Value of Equity Compensation
Discussing the launch of a new UBS equity compensation support program, Michael Barry spoke about the importance of linking equity compensation awards to employees’ broader financial picture.Read more >
Helping Employees Build Emergency Savings
The term “sidecar savings accounts” has been introduced into the retirement industry’s lexicon, and new legislation has been introduced to allow employers to auto enroll employees into them.Read more >
New Financial Audit Rule Increases Requirements for Plan Sponsors
Plan sponsors will be required to provide much more data, as well as certifications about plan administration and governance, and limited-scope audits will no longer be so limited.
2021 Recordkeeping Survey
2021 Plan Sponsor of the Year
PLANSPONSOR is pleased to announce the 2021 Plan Sponsor of the Year winners.
TRIVIAL PURSUITS: What do the M’s stand for in M&Ms?
DOL Proposes New Rule on ESG Investing in Retirement Plans

The agency says the proposal seeks to emphasize that climate change and other ESG factors can be financially material and that considering these elements can lead to better long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Editorial: Alison Cooke Mintzer


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