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week ending March 27th, 2020
Hello, PLANSPONSOR readers. We hope this day finds you and your families well. You can turn to our special page for the latest news about market volatility, business and benefits updates, and legislative and regulatory actions. During this difficult time, with more than $3 million people filing for unemployment this past week, it may seem counterintuitive to tell employees to save, but financial wellness education is as important now, if not more important, as ever. While many who will get a $1,200 stimulus check from the government will have no choice but to use it toward bills, advisers interviewed by MarketWatch suggest those who can should put money into emergency savings first, work to pay down credit card debt, invest or donate. Financial wellness providers are offering services for free, with SmartDollar the latest to announce so, and this edition of PLANSPONSOR Weekend includes informative articles to help you guide employees toward financial wellness during this crisis.
Editor's Choice
Wellness Strategies
The Employer Component
Sponsors have various options for contributing to employee wellness.
Wellness Strategies
Ready As It Goes
An emergency savings plan can give employees financial confidence.
Evolving Your Financial Wellness Program in 2020
By including the right elements in a financial wellness program, employers can help employees squirrel away more emergency and retirement savings.
Certain Employee Groups Are in Greater Need of Financial Help
Finding women, mid-career and low-income employees are the most at-risk, Greenspring Advisors suggests ways plan sponsors, providers and advisers should enhance the support and resources they offer.
Plan Sponsors Should Address Financial Squeeze Put on Gen X
Struggling with debt and budgeting, Gen Xers are in their prime earning years, they are getting close to retirement and they are taking care of both their children and their parents.
FinFit Waives Fee on Financial Wellness Platform
FinFit’s financial wellness platform is available to employers for free through June 30.
Popular Reads
Deals and People
Empower to Acquire Prudential's Full-Service Retirement Business
The company says it expects the acquisition to benefit retirement plan participants, and, by leveraging new capabilities from its 2020 acquisition of Personal Capital, it will offer a personalized digital experience 
2020 Recordkeeping Survey
Deals and People
Prudential Acquisition Aimed at Improving Participant Experience
Empower CEO Ed Murphy says the Prudential recordkeeping team has tremendous bench strength.
Giving Employees the Financial Wellness Help They Want
Offering an array of benefits—addressing both physical and financial wellness—and implementing personalized experiences will set employees up with what they need.
Data and Research
Factors That Can Cut the Cost of Fiduciary Liability Insurance
An Aon survey of insurers revealed risks they look for that affect insurability and pricing, but good governance practices have been a key factor for years.
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