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Week ending November 16th, 2018
This week, we’re talking about health care and other benefits. Recently, AARP updated its Social Security Resource Center with an analysis of the 12 most common Social Security misconceptions. One of the most common misconceptions is the notion that the service is “going bankrupt” in the near-term. A MetLife report finds public sector employees are interested in customized benefits, and Vanguard partners with HealthEquity to launch health and wealth retirement planning services for defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors and participants. Additionally, 80% of plan sponsors are committed to reducing health care costs, and, while health savings accounts (HSAs) can offer quality investment options, a study shows fees remain high and transparency low. All this and more on this edition of PLANSPONSOR Weekend.
Editor's choice
Crash Course on Social Security From AARP
One key misconception to break is that Social Security is meant to be an adequate source of income on its own for retirees.Read more >
Public Sector Employees Want Customized Benefits
And public sector employers are more likely than their peers to offer a full range of benefits.Read more >
Vanguard Partners on Offering HSAs to DC Plans
For Vanguard participants who elect to save in a HealthEquity HSA, Vanguard’s Retirement Readiness Tool technology will integrate their HSA information with their DC plan balance and other assets to give them a comprehensive view of their current and future retirement savings.Read more >
Eighty Percent of Employers Focusing on Reducing Health Benefit Costs
However, while 71% of employers see a positive impact on company health benefit costs from wellness programs, more than one-third say they do not offer these programs, the Transamerica Center for Health Studies found.Read more >
Data and Research
HSAs Offer Improved Investment Options
Morningstar found fees remain elevated and transparency remains poor.Read more >
2021 DC Plan Benchmarking Survey
Working Past Age 65 May Seem Like a Great Idea …

… but the prospects may vary, based on education, race and gender, says CRR.

2022 Retirement Industry Trends to Follow

As the retirement plan industry looks ahead to the coming year, financial wellness is increasingly seen as a critical solution to help workers and retirees meet their goals.

TRIVIAL PURSUITS: Residents of the Island of Misfit Toys
December 17, 2013 ( – Who/what were the residents on the Island of Misfit Toys in “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer?”
TRIVIAL PURSUITS: What do the M’s stand for in M&Ms?

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