PLANSPONSOR Weekend Newsdash
Week ending November 27th, 2015
Happy Holidays, PLANSPONSOR readers! Many of you may have been out of office this week, or working hard to be able to be out of office. But, we’re making sure you don’t miss a thing with this edition of PLANSPONSOR Weekend.
Editor's choice
Employees Reluctant to Engage in Wellness Programs
Only one-third said the well-being initiatives offered by their employers encouraged them to live healthier lifestyles.Read more >
Data and Research
Investors Overly Focused on Short-Term Returns
Research from TIAA-CREF shows a persistent focus on short-term returns leads to poor decisionmaking.Read more >
Data and Research
Participants Lose Out With Focus on Student Debt
A new LIMRA study finds workers who choose to pay down debt over saving for retirement fall way behind their peers by age 65.Read more >
DC Participant Loan Takers Go On to Save Less
Fidelity finds borrowers tend to save less on average over time after their first loan.Read more >
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