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Week ending November 9th, 2018

Happy Friday, PLANSPONSOR readers! In this week’s edition, we highlight financial wellness and participant education. A Security Benefit study found Millennial teachers are searching for education about investing, while a report from Ascensus deems younger savers as the generation most likely to meet their retirement goals. A high number of employers are measuring financial readiness with their employees, and at the same time another set of plan sponsors is evaluating how questions of longevity tie to participant education. A Hearts & Wallets study analyzes why participants ignore education when facing daunting financial obstacles. All this and more in this week’s issue of PLANSPONSOR Weekend.

Editor's choice
Millennial Educators Especially Want Retirement Savings Investing Help
While a majority cite credit card and student loan debt as obstacles to reaching financial goals, Millennial educators are paying attention to retirement savings. Read more >
Data and Research
Young Savers Most Likely to Meet Retirement Goals
Workers younger than 35 are realizing they need to start saving now, according to Ascensus; however, only 30% are on track to meet their retirement savings goals. Read more >
Data and Research
More Employers Monitoring Retirement Readiness of Employees
In addition, to help employees reduce their debt stress and maximize their retirement plan savings, more employers are developing financial wellbeing initiatives, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. found. Read more >
Data and Research
Longevity Concerns Inform Education Opportunities
BMO Wealth Management U.S. says individuals should know to plan for living beyond the average life expectancy and what medical expenses to expect, among other things. Read more >
Data and Research
Individuals Not Seeking Help for the Hardest Retirement Concerns
A study found the top financial tasks individuals need help with include choosing when to retire, choosing appropriate investments and developing a strategy to withdraw from multiple accounts. Read more >
House Committee Advances Bill to Establish Union Pension Lifeline Program

The legislation aims to establish a 30-year loan program and new financial assistance for financially troubled multiemployer pension plans.

The Senate Math That Could Block SECURE Act
Senate floor time is at a premium ahead of the 2020 presidential election—so much so that even legislation that passed the House with a near-unanimous bipartisan vote is not guaranteed to become law.
Adidas Sued Over Excessive Fees for 401(k) Participants

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit argue that passive funds would have resulted in better returns net of fees that the actively managed funds offered in the plan.

Open MEPs Not for Every Plan Sponsor
If legislation passes to allow for open multiple employer plans (MEPs) for plan sponsors without a common nexus, experts believe they will offer benefits to plan sponsors, but there would be some considerations to explore before joining one.
Employers Encouraged to Offer Multi-Dimensional Wellness Programs

Among those that include physical, social, financial, community and mental health, employee productivity is higher.

Editorial: Alison Cooke Mintzer

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