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Week ending October 13th, 2017
Hello, PLANSPONSOR readers! This week our focus is on financial wellness and participant education. An Ernst & Young report suggests employee engagement is the best measure of financial wellness program return on investment (ROI). Provider Edukate partners with HealthSpective to deliver an integrated financial and health wellness solution. MassMutual found Latinos are seeking financial education from employers, and Fidelity found employer stock benefits outside of 401(k)s can help employees with their financial wellness. Communications doesn’t stop when employees terminate employment; and some plan sponsors get creative with it. Enjoy this edition of PLANSPONSOR Weekend!
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Data and Research
Employee Engagement a Better Measure of Financial Wellness Program ROI
Maximizing financial wellness program ROI starts with knowing employee demographics and how employees think and feel about money, Ernst & Young says.Read more >
Edukate Seeks to Merge Financial and Physical Wellness
Financial wellness provider Edukate’s technology is now integrated into HealthSpective, the DHS Group’s health benefits management solution, to provide employers with actionable data about the state of their employees’ financial and physical health.Read more >
Latinos Seeking Retirement Planning Assistance from Employers
Financial planning guidance and Social Security counseling top the list of financial services Hispanics would like from their employers, according to a survey by MassMutual.Read more >
Data and Research
Company Stock Outside of 401(k) Can Help With Financial Wellness
Employees say they use company stock acquired through their employee stock purchase plans (ESPP) to help pay down debt, add to their retirement savings, finance real estate or home improvement projects, or simply set aside for a rainy day.Read more >
Communicating With Terminated and Retired Participants
Some communications with terminated participants are required by law, but plan sponsors can take this farther—from offering the opportunity to repay loans to invitations to social events.Read more >
2021 Recordkeeping Survey
2021 Plan Sponsor of the Year
PLANSPONSOR is pleased to announce the 2021 Plan Sponsor of the Year winners.
Most DB Plan Sponsors Seeking an Exit

More pension risk transfer transactions are likely to be seen within the decade—and by more down-market plans—for a variety of reasons.

TRIVIAL PURSUITS: From where did the phrase ‘Beam me up, Scotty’ originate?
Mismanagement of ERISA Accounts
Plan sponsors that make missteps could face participant claims.

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