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Week ending October 19th, 2018
Some individuals report that health care costs are affecting their ability to save for retirement and their overall financial wellbeing. However, employers continue to advocate for employees to also save in health savings accounts (HSAs) to address current and future health expenses, even as employees say they are struggling with saving in both. An expert offers a strategy for doing so, and research suggests a way to combine health management with annuities to address future health care expenses. Other than health care, providers are continuing to develop products designed to improve employees’ financial picture via student loan repayment benefits and equity compensation plans. All this and more in this edition of PLANSPONSOR Weekend.
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Data and Research
Health Care Costs Affecting Retirement Savings and Financial Wellness
Of the nearly half of survey respondents who report they have experienced health care cost increases in the past year, 24% state they have decreased their contributions to retirement plans, and 17% have taken a loan or withdrawal from a retirement plan.Read more >
HSA Conference 2018: Navigating HSA Programs and Retirement Planning
Once participants understand health savings accounts (HSAs), plan sponsors can encourage them to invest their money and think about saving for future health care costs.Read more >
Employees Struggle With Allocating Money to HSAs and Retirement Plans
Even financially adept employees have trouble deciding where to save and how to spend.Read more >
Data and Research
Health Care Management Combined With Annuities May Help With Retirement Health Costs
A report details how utilizing the savings through health management can fund staggered annuities to help pay for health care expenses in retirement.Read more >
Providers Collaborate on Employer Student Loan Repayment Benefits
Edukate’s 48,000 users can engage with Gradifi’s solutions once their employer adds the benefit to their platform.Read more >
E*TRADE Launches Planning Center for Equity Compensation Plan Participants
According to E*TRADE, the tool aims to help participants understand how proper utilization of proceeds can meet financial goals, among other things.Read more >
Deals and People
2019 Awards Nominations Are Open
The nomination process has begun for the 2019 Plan Sponsor of the Year and Retirement Plan Adviser of the Year Awards. Today is the deadline for nominations for Retirement Plan Adviser of the Year Awards.Read more >
2021 Target-Date Fund Survey
The DOL Has Begun Retirement Plan Cybersecurity Audits

Attorneys say the requests plan fiduciaries have received ask for a broad amount of information and documentation, and they urge fiduciaries to act on the DOL’s recent guidance.

ACA Ruling Signifies Relief for Employers

But future expansions of the law could have plan sponsors reconsidering their benefits offerings, experts say.

2021 Plan Sponsor of the Year
PLANSPONSOR is pleased to announce the 2021 Plan Sponsor of the Year winners.
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