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Week ending October 21st, 2016
Happy Friday, PLANSPONSOR readers! If you miss the days when workers had pensions, one provider reminds us that there’s another type of defined benefit plan that doesn’t carry the cost burden for employers that traditional pensions do. Also worth another look, according to another provider, are managed account innovations. Another lawsuit was filed against Wells Fargo this week—the fastest, it seems, the plaintiffs’ bar has jumped on a company’s alleged wrongdoing. Research shows that it’s not only student loans, but also health care costs, causing retirement plan participants not to save more. And speaking of health care costs, it seems consumer-driven health plans are no longer providing the cost savings to employers they once did. All this and more in this edition of PLANSPONSOR Weekend.
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Managed Account Innovations Call for Second Look
Some providers are encouraging a type of hybrid approach, bringing together the best of both TDFs and managed accounts.Read more >
Employees Cutting Retirement Plan Savings Due to Health Care Costs
Many employees experiencing health care cost increases decreased contributions to retirement plans, the Employee Benefit Research Institute finds.Read more >
CDHPs Offer Less Savings Than a Year Ago
Enrollment in consumer-driven health plans still continues to rise, however, according to United Benefit Advisors.Read more >
Student Loans Hinder Participants From Saving More for Retirement
Workers with student loans are participating in employer-sponsored retirement plans at a lower rate than those without outstanding student loan debt, a survey finds.Read more >
Wells Fargo Targeted in Second Stock Drop Complaint
According to plaintiffs, a refusal to purchase company stock is not a “transaction” within the meaning of insider trading prohibitions and would not have required any independent disclosures.Read more >
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