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Week ending September 2nd, 2016
Happy Friday, PLANSPONSOR readers! We see numerous studies about Millennials and Baby Boomers, but it seems Generation X is left out. More attention needs to focus on Gen X retirement struggles, as a survey found they are the generation most concerned with their retirement prospects. Americans surveyed revealed that bills, low income, and debt are hindering their retirement savings, and another study suggests knowing fundamentals can help with a retirement savings plan. Perhaps it would help, as one plan sponsor did, to offer employees a virtual tour of retirement. In addition, couples need to get together to discuss their retirement savings and plan for retirement. Enjoy this edition of PLANSPONSOR Weekend, and have a great holiday weekend!
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Data and Research
Gen X Most Concerned About Retirement Prospects
Less than four in ten Gen X DC plan participants surveyed believe they will have enough for a comfortable retirement.Read more >
Data and Research
Bills, Low Income and Debt Hinder Retirement Savings
Americans are trying to save despite having many other competing financial interests, according to a survey by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board). CFP Board Consumer Advocate Eleanor Blayney notes, “An inability to start saving early, debt and stagnant incomes are just a few of the factors driving Americans’ financial anxiety.”Read more >
Data and Research
Knowing Fundamentals Key to Retirement Confidence
People “unsure” about their retirement prospects are much more likely than those “on track” to have calculated how much to save, according to a BlackRock survey.Read more >
A Public Plan Sponsor Gives Employees View of Retirement
A virtual retirement tour helped get more employees enrolled in their 457 plan and employees more engaged in their retirement savings.Read more >
Couples Need Help With Planning Retirement Together
Retirement plan sponsors can help by including spouses and partners in educational events.Read more >
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