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PLANSPONSOR is pleased to present the next edition of our Thought Leadership Round-Up newsletter. Here we feature content from thought leaders in the industry. This material is intended to help plan sponsors gain a deeper understanding of nascent trends and provide key insights and analysis on the retirement benefits space.
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Rationality and Retirement: Mutually Exclusive?
Cognitive biases may lead to suboptimal judgments. Behavioral science-based nudges may help.
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Hooker & Holcombe 2019 Municipal Pension & OPEB Report
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How a Custodian Started Up a Fintech Solution for CIOs
Asset allocators struggle to harness portfolio data in a way that efficiently and effectively supports their investment process. Comprehensive, high-quality, nimble and accessible data: that’s the objective. Most asset owners find themselves at an inflection point with their infrastructure, and need to modernize quickly.
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2019 PIMCO Defined Contribution Consulting Study
Providing retirement income potential, evaluating TDFs and plan costs, and simplifying investment menus are key.
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Around the World in 60 Minutes: Global Equity Updates

In this webinar, Barbara Klementz, partner at Baker McKenzie, will take you through the most important tax and legal changes affecting global share plans during the last 6–12 months. She will discuss relevant issues and provide an action plan for steps to take to address these changes. Register now to learn more about the latest tax and regulatory changes and to make sure your global stock plans have kept pace.

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Why should participant distribution decisions matter to you?
Newly released Financial Engines research on workers’ awareness about their distribution options when retiring or changing jobs. Perspective on how distribution decisions can have a significant impact on both participants and plan sponsors. How plan sponsors can ensure they work with an advice provider that not only acts in participants’ best interests but is held to a higher legal fiduciary standard of care through all phases of a participant’s career – including help with 401(k) account and rollover decisions during employment changes
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Anatomy of a Recession: Preparing for Risk When the Markets are High
Explore the complex relationship between market drawdowns and recessions, referencing the current state of the U.S. economy, trade concerns, global growth, the U.S. dollar, corporate earnings and “QE”, central bank policies and the outlook for markets outside the U.S.
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Getting the Most Out of Retirement Plan Solutions
In the universe of retirement options, there are a lot of bright stars—401(k)s, IRAs, Roth 401(k)s, and more. And while each of these plans offers its own distinct advantages, shining among them in the retirement stratosphere is the often-overlooked HSA (health savings account). HSAs have gained tremendous popularity thanks to their ability to create peace of mind today, while generating income for the future.
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Fiduciary Focus: Is 401(k) Loan Risk on Your Radar?
Do plan sponsors have a false sense of security about the fiduciary risks of 401(k) loans? Under ERISA, participant loans must be managed with the same prudence and oversight required of any plan investment. However, according to academic and industry studies, loans default at alarming rates, especially when participants lose their jobs.
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Keys to our target date success – Capital Group & American Funds
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