DC Survey: Plan Benchmarking

2020 Survey

2020 Survey


Plan fees remain a top concern of sponsors, as evidenced by the fact that 78% have calculated plan administrative fees during the prior plan year. Benchmarking of these fees also remains popular, with 51% of plans having done so. The allocation of administrative fees has changed little in the past four years; participants continue to bear the most responsibility for recordkeeping fees. But participants also continue to benefit from falling investment management fees: 70% of plans now have an average asset-weighted expense ratio of less than 0.50%, a notable increase from the 54% in 2017.

Calculated Administrative Fees in the Past 12 Months

Yes, and ­benchmarked fees
Yes, but did not benchmark fees

Who Pays Recordkeeping Fees

  • Plan only – via participant accounts
  • Employer only – paid outside of plan
  • Both plan and employer

Average Asset-Weighted Investment Expense Ratio

  • <0.25%
  • 0.25% – 0.50%
  • >0.50% – 0.75%
  • >0.75% – 1.00%
  • >1.00%

PLANSPONSOR Industry Reports 2021

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Availability: December 2020
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