How Financial Wellness Programs Benefit Both Employees & Employers

Did you know that 7 out of 10 human resources professionals say financial problems impact employee performance 1 while 55% of 401(k) participants say they avoid dealing with their financial situation because they feel it is out of control? 2 As a result, Financial Wellness is one of the fastest growing employee benefit features in the country. Join Linda Windust, Benefits Manager for Check Point Software Technologies and Diana Tsoi, Deputy Director of Administration at JCYC, along with their financial advisor Blake Thibault of Heffernan Financial Services, to learn more about how their partnerships with industry-leaders GRP Advisor Alliance and Financial Finesse have helped them implement robust institutional financial wellness programs that focus on targeted personalized education to their employees while eliminating financial stress. The call will focus on how each company, were able to identify the need for financial wellness and the positive business impacts that results from offering them.