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Week ending December 14th, 2018
Happy Friday! This week we’ll be talking about financial wellness and participant education. Benefits consulting firm Buck explains how financially and physically fit employees can improve the workplace environment, job satisfaction and employee retention in a recent survey conducted with over 250 employees. Next, discover the recent trends to heighten your plan design. MediKeeper says plan sponsors who stay up-to-date with these trends remain relevant in the always competitive industry. Also, an Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) report discloses the challenges employers face when offering financial wellness features; Corporate Insight reports many employees do not have employer-sponsored financial wellness programs, but believe their employer should offer one; and  UnidosUS and the National Institute of Retirement Security discuss the lack of retirement readiness with Latino workers. All this and more on this edition of PLANSPONSOR Weekend.
Editor's choice
Wellness Programs That Combine Health and Finance Seen as Essential
Findings in a Buck survey demonstrate that a failure to creatively invest in employee wellness can result in many adverse consequences for the success and sustainability of a business.Read more >
Tips for Improving Employee Wellness Programs
MediKeeper suggests using available data to better personalize programs, using social interaction to encourage wellness program participation and making virtual programs available to reach more of the workforce.Read more >
Most Employers Don’t Consider Their Financial Wellness Programs ‘Holistic’
Employers surveyed by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) noted that they face many challenges in offering financial wellness initiatives.Read more >
Data and Research
Reported Lack of Knowledge Indicates Need for More Financial Wellness Programs
Of the 1,544 employees surveyed by Corporate Insight, a mere 221 (or 14%) indicated that their employer offers programs or resources to help improve financial well-being.Read more >
Data and Research
Part-Time Plan Eligibility Would Benefit Latino Workers
In addition, state-backed retirement savings plans can assist with providing quality savings opportunities to working Latinos who are not covered by an employer-sponsored retirement plan.Read more >
Another Schlichter Suit Targets Sponsor and Providers

Even cases that allege potential wrongdoing on the part of a service provider are often targeted exclusively at the plan sponsor. Not so in the latest suit filed by the law firm Schlichter Bogard & Denton.

2020 Recordkeeping Survey
Participants Are Saving More With ‘TDF-Plus’ Strategies

A new study finds participants who blended funds were on track to replace more of their pre-retirement income than those who did not.

The NQDC Market

Data on number of plans, participants and liabilities by nonqualified plan type, and a listing of the largest providers of section 409A plans and section 457 plans.

2020 Best in Class DC Providers

Editorial: Alison Cooke Mintzer


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