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Ascensus Enhances Managed Accounts Services with Morningstar; Pacific Life Releases New Index; and more.

By Javier Simon | September 08, 2016
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Ascensus Enhances Managed Accounts Services with Morningstar

Ascensus, an independent retirement plan and college savings provider, has partnered with the investment-research firm Morningstar to unroll a series on enhancements to its managed accounts to help employees easily implement a personalized retirement savings strategy.

Managed accounts use personal data—including age, marital status, income, gender, state of residence, savings rate, and current account balance—to offer employees personalized retirement strategies tailored to their goals. Now, education specialists can also guide participants through the retirement planning process and describe the managed account service. The new managed accounts can deliver savings rates and investment recommendations, intuitive progress reports, and ongoing account oversight from Morningstar’s investment professionals.

Users can speak to one of these specialists over the phone or visit their retirement account websites to enroll through its Learning Center.

“Ascensus continues to enhance our services to ensure that employees have the knowledge and support they need to save for a comfortable retirement,” says Steve Schaitberger, vice president of participant services at Ascensus. “Through the introduction of experienced education specialists, we hope to help more employees have convenient access to Morningstar’s managed account service to implement a retirement strategy that is as personal as their savings goals.”

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