For Some DB Plan Types IDL, Not LDI, Is the Answer

John Lowell, with October Three, says for two types of DB plans, investment-driven liabilities (IDL) is almost risk free for plan sponsors and provides more meaningful benefits to participants.

Providers Step Up Their Game With QDIA Offerings

The Department of Labor recommends the incorporation of workforce demographics into QDIA design; different providers have different philosophies about the best way to do this.

Should Retirement Investors Shun Equity?

A new analysis makes the surprising claim that most common stocks over the long-term fail to outperform one-month Treasury bills—but the real lesson is about diversification, not dumping stocks. 

Fiduciary Rule May Force Plan Advisers Away From Portfolio Management

“The DOL conflict of interest rule poses risk to a firm if [practice leaders] knowingly allow advisers to manage underperforming portfolios for clients when a better-performing portfolio with a similar risk level is available from the home office,” Cerulli's Tom O’Shea warns.