The TPA Landscape Is Changing

There have been a rash of third-party administrator (TPA) acquisitions recently, and TPAs are offering new services.

DB Plan Sponsors Preparing for PRTs

The most common preparatory steps taken include an evaluation of the financial impact of a pension risk transfer; discussions with stakeholders; data review/cleanup; and, exploration of the PRT solutions.

Participant Survey Highlights Lasting Roth Confusion

The lack of understanding of Roth contributions, should Congress move to limit pre-tax savings, will cause significant confusion and potentially a significant drop in savings, a new analysis warns.

Some DB Plans Changing Accounting Measures

Most companies used a single weighted average discount rate to measure the interest cost and service cost components of benefit cost, but PwC found, beginning in 2015, many companies adopted a multiple discount rate approach.

Maryland Pension System Further Reduces Return Assumption

State Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp says, “Recognizing that both the inflation experience and expectations for future inflation remain lower than the rate currently assumed, the Board felt it reasonable to reduce the expected return accordingly.”