Retirement Assets Not Separated by QDRO Not Protected in Bankruptcy

Looking at the definition of ‘retirement funds,’ an appellate court found an ex-husband’s argument that 401(k) and IRA assets still in the ex-wife’s name represent marital property that his ex-wife saved for their joint retirement and that he intends to use the assets for his retirement are subjective and not required to be considered.

DOL’s Open MEP Proposal Advances Through OMB

If the DOL’s proposal closely follows President Trump’s executive orders, it is likely to revise the “common nexus” and “one bad apple” rules that have held back open multiple employer plans.

Nonprofits Grapple With Shifting 457(f) Landscape

Due to changes in the wider benefits and compensation landscape, experts agreed, now is a fine time for nonprofit employers to reconsider their offerings and whether they can do more to attract and retain top executive talent. 

PBGC Posts 2019 Premium Rates

A table on the PBGC’s website shows that the flat-rate premium for single-employer plans has grown from $31 in 2007 to $80 in 2019, and the variable-rate premium has grown from $9 to $43.

Fidelity Faces Another 401(k) Self-Dealing Lawsuit

The lawsuit not only calls out Fidelity’s use of all proprietary funds in its 401(k) investment lineup, but also accuses it of not negotiating for revenue sharing rebates, not using the lowest-cost share classes, not investigating alternative investment vehicles and not evaluating stable value fund options when its money market funds poorly performed.