Many TDFs Need to Be Adjusted for Risk

According to Jake Tshudy at SEI, “An actuarial valuation approach akin to a DB plan is the best strategy to determine if a TDF series has the appropriate level of risk based on a plan’s demographics.”

Tax Reform Could Impact Corporate Bond Supply, LDI Strategies

Willis Towers Watson researchers present various opportunities “outside of traditional hedging assets other than long corporate credit that may be added to [pension funds'] hedging portfolios to help provide a diversifying source of long-term credit premia.”

Charles Schwab Experts Debunk Passive TDF Myths

A TDF may invest its assets into index-based securities that do not make tactical adjustments as the markets change—but the act of managing even an index-based portfolio according to a glide path that ramps down equity risk over time will always be at least in part fundamentally “active.”