Working As One

Optimizing retirement­ plan committee decisions

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  2. Working As One

    Optimizing retirement­ plan committee decisions
  1. Survey Says
  2. Retirement Plan Committees

    Is your plan committee in tune with the latest trends?
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  2. New Products

    Recent product introductions that plan sponsors may find of interest.
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  2. A Friendly Reminder

    We walk you through 20 reminders about topics your committee should address or consider in 2015.
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  2. 20 Questions: #1

    Are you acting in accordance with your plan documents?
  1. 20 Questions: #2

    How are your plan participants faring?
  1. 20 Questions: #3

    How will you benchmark your plan this year?
  1. 20 Questions: #4

    How are participants' investments allocated?
  1. 20 Questions: #5

    Is your plan designed to improve participant outcomes?
  1. 20 Questions: #6

    Are your education initiatives making a difference?
  1. 20 Questions: #7

    Are the investment fees your participants pay reasonable?
  1. 20 Questions: #8

    How frequently do you review your recordkeeper's services?
  1. 20 Questions: #9

    When was the last time you evaluated your match formula?
  1. 20 Questions: #10

    Does your plan offer stable value funds?
  1. 20 Questions: #11

    How do participants get information about the plan?
  1. 20 Questions: #12

    Does your plan have the right lineup?
  1. 20 Questions: #13

    Are you providing the right savings opportunities?
  1. 20 Questions: #14

    Does your target-date fund match your participant demographics?
  1. 20 Questions: #15

    What are participants doing with their accounts when they leave your company?
  1. 20 Questions: #16

    Do you need a retirement plan adviser?
  1. 20 Questions: #17

    Who pays for what aspects of the plan?
  1. 20 Questions: #18

    Does your plan have a leakage problem?
  1. 20 Questions: #19

    Should you offer a retirement income product?
  1. 20 Questions: #20

    Does your plan offer systematic withdrawals, and, if not, should it?
  1. 20 Questions: 403(b) Provider Issues

    Information sharing and administrative technology
  1. 20 Questions: Freezing Decisions

    It's a de-risking strategy
  1. 20 Questions: SOA Mortality Table Impact

    Some companies are already reporting higher liabilities
  1. 20 Questions: Considering PRT?

    When considering pension risk transfer, plan committees need to fully understand their goal.
  1. Voice
  2. The Magna Charter

    Drafting plan committee charters
  1. Tidbits
  2. Tidbits

    Quotes, survey statistics and musings to use in employee communications, or just for a break from the grind.
  1. Research
  2. Making Their Point

    PLANSPONSOR checks in with workers on the path to retirement
  1. Insights
  2. On Watch

    Fiduciaries will do well to pay close attention to the Tibble v. Edison International case and its outcome.
  1. Analyze This
  2. The Effect of Investment Committees

    Spotlighting industry data from PLANSPONSOR’s proprietary research