PLANSPONSOR February 2015

  1. UpFront
  2. 2015 ­Regulatory Action Ahead

    Exploring the agendas of the DOL, SEC and FINRA
  1. Driving Positive Behaviors

    Using more of an ‘if/then’ model
  1. Hiring A Skilled Plan Auditor

    ERISA holds plan sponsors responsible for ensuring a proper audit
  1. Participant Stressor

    Financial education can ease the angst
  1. Survey Says
  2. Plan Benchmarking Measures

    We asked our plan sponsor reader's how and how often they benchmarked their retirement plans.
  1. Bells & Whistles
  2. Bells & Whistles

    Recent product introductions that plan sponsors may find of interest
  1. Feature
  2. Drawing Down

    Systematic withdrawal options could help retirement readiness
  1. Running the Fund
  2. Fiduciary Outsourcing Options

    Experts suggest best search and hiring practices
  1. Total Benefits
  2. Re-enrollment Mechanics

    The rewards will be worth your efforts
  1. Case Sensitive
  2. Delivery­ On Demand

    Philip A. Murphy Jr., Sandra R. Noe, Claire M. Palmer, et al. v. Verizon Communications
    Inc., et al.
  1. Barry's Pickings
  2. A New Tone in Congress

    New leadership will address the retirement policy debate
  1. Saxon Angle
  2. Company Stock Cases

    What stock drop litigations mean for plan sponsors

  1. Just out of Reish
  2. Is 65 Too Young to Retire?

    Help all employees retire when they choose
  1. Done Deal
  2. Total Benefits

    This plan sponsor offers employees a full compensation statement
  1. Tidbits
  2. Quotes, survey statistics and musings to use in employee communications, or just for a break from the grind
  1. DB Plans
  2. CaIPERS’ Hedge Fund Exit

    Will this be a new trend?
  1. Insights
  2. True Compensation

    In offering employer-paid benefits, companies provide compensation above and beyond salary.
  1. Washington Update
  2. News from Washington and the Courts

    Summaries of the latest news from Washington and the courts—what’s coming,
    what’s contemplated and what’s critical for plan sponsors to know.
  1. TDF Focus
  2. 2014 Notable Performers

    Strategic Insight’s quarterly target-date fund analysis
  1. DC Plan Q&A
  2. Making Sense

    The plan sponsor role in retirement readiness calculations
  1. Issue Intro
  2. It's All on You

    Delegating responsibilities is not always easier.