A Little Friday File Fun

In Spartanburg, South Carolina, a man called 911 to report his girlfriend would not have s.ex with him. Police responded to the residence, and the girlfriend told them the man had been drinking all day, crawled into bed with her and asked her for s.ex, but she refused because her granddaughter was with her. Police found the man outside the residence drinking, and they arrested him for public into.xication, but did not cite him for misusing the 911 system, according to The Smoking Gun.

In New York, prisoners at the Eastern correctional facility, who take courses taught by faculty from nearby Bard College and have formed a popular debate club, invited Harvard’s debate team—this year’s national debate champions—to a friendly competition. A three-judge panel concluded that the Bard team had raised strong arguments that the Harvard team had failed to consider and declared the team of inmates victorious. According to news reports, the Harvard team directed requests for comment to a post on its Facebook page that commended the prison team for its achievements and complimented the work done by the Bard initiative.

In Apple Valley, California, a man accused of robbing an auto parts store wore an unusual disguise. He stuck a “maxi” feminine hygiene product to his forehead in a position that mostly covered his eyes. However, the disguise didn’t work very well; the police recognized the man, who has an extensive history of run-ins with the law, and he was arrested.

In Houston, Texas, a man was baffled when he received a speeding ticket by certified mail for doing 90 mph in a 60 mph zone on the North Freeway. The man said he wasn’t anywhere near the area at the time. The Houston Police Department launched an internal investigation into the ticket-writing habits of a senior police officer after a local news team began asking questions about his behavior on the road. The officer, on the force since 2002, has been temporarily relieved of duty. The news team discovered the officer wrote several speeding tickets to drivers without ever pulling them over.

Six reasons to drink coffee.

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For my fellow southerners who have ever been made fun of or judged because of your southern accent.

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High school football kicker makes field goal off referee’s head.

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