Aetna Announces National Retiree Health Plan

July 13, 2006 ( - Aetna Inc. has launched a private, fee-for-service plan available to employers who provide retiree medical benefits to Medicare eligible retirees on a national basis.

Aetna Medicare Open Plan provides national coverage for retirees and expands Aetna Medicare product offerings in service areas not already covered by Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO plans, according to a UPI news report.

The plan should be available to employers for January 2007, pending approval by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

The plan would allow Medicare-eligible retirees who join a group plan to go to any licensed doctor or hospital that participates in Medicare and is willing to accept Aetna’s guidelines and terms for payment.

According to the news report, the Aetna Medicare Open Plan can be paired with Aetna’s national Medicare Part D prescription drug plans and can cover such additional benefits as eyeglass reimbursement and hearing aid reimbursement.