Aetna Puts Out Retiree Assistance Module

October 12, 2005 ( - Aetna Behavioral Health (ABH) has unveiled a new module of its employee assistance program (EAP) aimed at providing support services to retirees and their family members.

An Aetna news release said that Perfect Aging, offers life and retirement planning information, legal and financial planning assistance, caregiving support and Web-based resources.

According to the announcement, the new program is available to seniors through employer groups and offers the following services to help support pre-retirees and retirees:

  • life management and emotional health support services to facilitate a successful transition from active work to retirement. These services may include locating retirement communities and home services and providing emotional support for managing changing life situations.
  • planning how to spend their retirement years, understand their health risks and promote a commitment to staying healthy,
  • provides telephonic and online resources and referrals, as well as face-to-face health care planning and support services,
  • free consultations from financial and legal experts on issues such as planning for retirement, wills, trusts, budgeting and pension disbursements,
  • educates members about the benefits available to them, provides connections to appropriate resources and coordinates care on the member’s behalf,
  • provides consultation and training to help employers manage pre-retirees and communicate effectively with retirees. Services offered include aging workforce consultations, manager and intergenerational training programs and crisis support services,
  • provides an Internet site for members to find information, educational materials and resources online.

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