House Votes To Scrap Ergonomics Rules

March 7, 2001 ( - The House of Representatives has voted to scrap the new ergonomics standards, sending the bill on to President Bush for his expected signature.

Following an accelerated debate, the House voted largely along party lines (223-206) for a “resolution of disapproval” of the ergonomics rule.  Sixteen Democrats joined Republicans in voting for the resolution, while 13 Republicans voted against it.  The GOP has a 220-211 majority in the House.

On Tuesday, the Senate voted 56-44 under the never-used Congressional Review Act to set aside rules that were developed by the Clinton administration’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  The rules were implemented just four days before President Bush took office.

President Bush is expected to sign the repeal, the first Congressional repeal of workplace safety regulations.

– Nevin Adams