April 2009

PLANSPONSOR 2009 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Survival Instincts

Many things shape and influence the composition of workplace benefits. Long established as a kind of "partnership" of employers, the government, and individual workers, the types of benefits provided, the incentives for providing them, and the perceived benefit in receiving them has varied over time, and between employment sectors.

PLANSPONSOR 2009 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Target Date:Target Practices

Maybe we were solving for the wrong equation. When investment managers introduced the first target-date funds in the early 1990s, their primary goal was to help people accumulate assets in a way that automatically would account for the need to invest more conservatively as their investment horizon shortened.

“Worst Case” Scenarios

Several years ago, I bought my dad—one of the world's most proficient worriers—a copy of the "Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook."

A Good Deal?

A survey published last month by Fidelity noted that workers cited health insurance, retirement­ savings plan matching contributions, and dental insurance as the three most important benefits, with health insurance ranking as No. 1.