Sidebar: Plan Sponsor Pay And Perks

The job of managing a long-horizon trust has never
ranked near the top in terms of compensation. But, it may be
turning into a relative oasis of stablity.

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Out With The Old!

Sponsors vigilant about replacing the 30-year Treasury benchmark
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POBs: Alive And Well?

Interest payments on pension obligation bonds strain some plan sponsors
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Sparing The Ax

Some companies resist layoffs despite economic gloom
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Sidebar: Look For…

Will key professionals remain in the shop? Look at incentive payouts, golden handcuffs, and vesting schedules of key professionals. Ask for compensation schedules to be worded in terms...
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Embracing the ESOP

It's easier to deduct dividends paid on company stock held in ESOPs
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Service Me…

The challenge of retaining assets when performance lags
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Cash Alternative

Dipping intoDB assets to fund pay raises, 401(k)-like matches
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Partnering Up

Why plan sponsors have been offering employees domestic-partner benefits at a galloping pace
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Rebalancing Act

Why one plan is using a volatility-based rebalancing discipline
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Topping It Up

Fledgling pharmaceutical maker enhances 401(k) package