Sizing Up Manager Service

When it comes to the service that investment
managers offer their institutional clients, satisfaction is
by no means guaranteed. Managers’ internet service, client
communication, and performance attribution efforts could all
stand improvement, Plan Sponsor’s latest survey

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Eager on Client Service

David Eager, head of Eager Manager Advisory Services, a division of William M. Mercer, which cooperated with Plan Sponsor on its Defined Benefit Client Satisfaction Survey
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Thomas Topper

Retired supermarket deli manager, 61
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EMU and the Sector Bet

As European economies converge, an industry focus is seen replacing country weightings in global portfolios. Is now the right time to move?
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Taking from Temps

A DoL lawsuit could give sponsors pause when they deny benefits to part-timers
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Section 411(d)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code

Benefits ball and chain: Why sponsors would like to deep-six Section 411(d)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code governing payment options--and what the IRS plans to do about it
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Seeking Manager Service

The make-or-break issues that can help plan sponsors decide whether their manager relationships are really worth keeping