June 2002

Finding A Fit

Plan sponsors still have a lot to choose from

Easy Does It

Participants seem to have little patience for the "process"

Taking The Lead-Almost

A Taft-Hartley tries-and fails-to garner the lead plaintiff spot in a securities class action lawsuit

War Stories

We all have them: those front-line experiences...

Sidebar: Exclusives: Right For You?

IBM will not confirm it, but sources say that Big Blue's defined benefit plan has begun direct-lending relationships with a handful of broker/dealers, a practice known as using "exclusives." This is not new-Street firms have long desired to break the hammerlock that custodian banks traditionally have had in securities lending, and have been successful in persuading some insurance companies and large pension pools to bypass their custodians and lend directly to them. However, IBM's decision ups the ante somewhat, securities lending insiders say.

The Great Oz Exposed

Auditor crackdown, sluggish returns signal trouble for bottom lines

Option To Sue

Broad-based stock option plans have a way of attracting lawsuits, some large employers are finding

Privacy Pleas

New medical privacy rules set standards, but offer little guidance


A small plan's decision to bundle trustee, custody, and actuarial services saves money

Exchange-Traded Funds

While most mutual fund trading occurs at the fund's NAV at 4:00 p.m. daily, an ETF-like a stock-is priced in real time throughout the trading day

The Element Of Surprise

Isn't it inevitable that some will try to pin the blame on their employers?