Risk Warriors

On a brisk morning this winter in Manhattan, Plan
Sponsor gathered in one room a group of risk-oriented
executives that included some of the more cerebral
individuals in the US pension and investing

Web Watch |March 1999

Click On Cash Balance

Cash-balance pension plans are gaining popularity with plan sponsors, but it is still hard to find information about this kind of plan on the World Wide Web.
Portrait of Retiree |March 1999

Mary Ellen Radman

Retired congressional secretary, 78
Table of Contents |March 1999

IRS Okays Paperless Communication

Notice 99-1 allows sponsors to use email, the Internet, Intranet systems, and automated telephone systems for most transactions
Table of Contents |March 1999

Aetna Evaluates 401(k) Funds

A new tool for Aetna clientele evaluates mutual funds' risk, return, style consistency, and cost and ranks their effectiveness from 1 to 10
Table of Contents |March 1999

Spin-Off In Progress

Lucent's CIO is putting a new face on the bulk of the old AT&T pension fund
Table of Contents |March 1999

Risk Management for Mere Mortals

Risk management is not just for megafunds. Here are four principles for plan sponsors to bear in mind.
Table of Contents |March 1999


Risk has now insinuated itself into the world of the institutional investor.
Table of Contents |March 1999

Meanwhile on the NASDAQ…

Instead of the specialists who make a market in NYSE stocks, NASDAQ-traded companies have market-makers.
Table of Contents |March 1999

Out From Under a Cloud?

The Commonfund has tried to reinvent itself following its annus horribilis in 1995. Small schools, in particular, still find its pricing and services appealing
Table of Contents |March 1999

Consultant RFP Tune-Up

How to avoid kissing too many frogs in the consultant search
Table of Contents |March 1999

Carrying US Workers

Are "USA" plans and other presidential promises nothing but that?
Table of Contents |March 1999

Roth’s 401(k) Blueprint

Roth's latest creation seems promising for those who expect to retire in a higher tax bracket--but is it really worth cheering for?
Table of Contents |March 1999

Fiduciary Liability Claims

If stock market swings fuel participant lawsuits, will you be prepared?
Table of Contents |March 1999

Demystifying Cash Balance

See to it that participants appreciate what they are getting with the switch to cash balance--for better or worse
Table of Contents |March 1999

DC Plans Need Oversight, Too

Why employers need the same kinds of fiduciary tools for defined contribution plans as they do for defined benefit programs