March 1999

Risk Warriors

On a brisk morning this winter in Manhattan, Plan Sponsor gathered in one room a group of risk-oriented executives that included some of the more cerebral individuals in the US pension and investing community.

Understanding Risk

Once the domain of the few, risk management is now the obsession of the many.

Click On Cash Balance

Cash-balance pension plans are gaining popularity with plan sponsors, but it is still hard to find information about this kind of plan on the World Wide Web.

IRS Okays Paperless Communication

Notice 99-1 allows sponsors to use email, the Internet, Intranet systems, and automated telephone systems for most transactions

Aetna Evaluates 401(k) Funds

A new tool for Aetna clientele evaluates mutual funds' risk, return, style consistency, and cost and ranks their effectiveness from 1 to 10

Spin-Off In Progress

Lucent's CIO is putting a new face on the bulk of the old AT&T pension fund


Risk has now insinuated itself into the world of the institutional investor.

Meanwhile on the NASDAQ…

Instead of the specialists who make a market in NYSE stocks, NASDAQ-traded companies have market-makers.

Out From Under a Cloud?

The Commonfund has tried to reinvent itself following its annus horribilis in 1995. Small schools, in particular, still find its pricing and services appealing

Carrying US Workers

Are "USA" plans and other presidential promises nothing but that?

Roth’s 401(k) Blueprint

Roth's latest creation seems promising for those who expect to retire in a higher tax bracket--but is it really worth cheering for?

Demystifying Cash Balance

See to it that participants appreciate what they are getting with the switch to cash balance--for better or worse

DC Plans Need Oversight, Too

Why employers need the same kinds of fiduciary tools for defined contribution plans as they do for defined benefit programs