2007 Retirement Plan Advisors of the Year

In the real world, employers—even employers that
cover the retirement plan industry—have a business to run.
Running the retirement plan, as important as it is, generally
isn’t part of that “core” business. Couple that reality with
the demanding fiduciary requirements of ERISA, and the
dynamics of a constantly evolving regulatory landscape, and
it is easy to see why financial advisers have become
indispensable members of the team for most workplace
retirement plans.

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Where Do We Most Need Regulatory Clarity?

We're at one of those "interesting" periods of time, where we have new laws, but lack clarifying regulations; we have proposed—but not yet final—regulations; and, in some cases,...
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March 2007

Each month, Bells & Whistles highlights recent product introductions that plan sponsors may find of interest.
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Lifestyle Choices

Few product innovations have been as well designed for the needs of retirement plans—and retirement plan participants—as asset allocation funds.
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Picking Up the Pace

Online tools increasingly tailored to different life stages can help increase 401(k) participation
Asset Mix |

Match Making

Securities lending emerges from the back office
The Bottom Line |

Big Deal

A merger of unequal custody giants
Case Sensitive |

Double Duty

Sandra C. Leister, Ph.D. v. Dovetail, Inc., Michelle Peterson and Evan Peterson
Rules/Regs |

Prevailing Wisdom

The Supreme Court lets a significant cash balance ruling stand
Saxon Angle |

Exemption to the Rules

DoL issues investment advice FAB clarifying plan sponsor responsibilities
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Statistics of Success

What kind of provider and adviser should you align your plan with?