May 2000

Look Before You Leap

What every sponsor should know before crossing the line from education to investment advice

Gimme Back My Surplus

U S West retiree group seeks cost-of-living increases in connection with Qwest merger

DB Plans: Underrated?

Those hearing "defined benefit," who automatically think "dinosaur," might want to rethink

Health Vouchers?

Why putting the coverage decision in participants' hands may backfire

CalPERS’ Valdes Runs Aground

The 12-year run of controversial California Public Employees' Retirement System board member Charles Valdes as chair of the $172 billion fund's Investment Committee has ended.

Playing Catch-Up

Sunbeam revamps its portfolio to shore up an underfunded pension

E-volve or Die

Investment management, argues Tatlock, is set to be transformed by entrepreneurs


Q: How does one learn to be a plan sponsor?

Public Fund Fare

Where to surf for benefits information, legislative updates and public fund experts

High Tech, Human Touch

Participant education is at the forefront of discussion in the defined contribution arena today.

Bullish on DB

A new report confirms that a defined benefit plan can be more cost-effective than a stand-alone 401(k)

See You In Court

PBGC loses ground to former Pan Am workers and further litigation seems likely to follow

Chinese Wall For Colorado?

Colorado state treasurer seeks ban on public fund investments that, he says, benefit China's military

Rockabye, Baby

The Rockefeller Foundation, once the undisputed giant of philanthropic Foundations, adjusts to life in the New Economy

Extortion Or Irritability?

Miriam Santos returned to her old job as Chicago City Treasurer last month after an appellate court ordered a new trial in one of several recent cases hinging on ethics breaches by public fund officials.